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Dear Customer,

Welcome to our website! MPG Corp is honored to serve you right. We believe your support is the reason we can stay in business and thrive. That's why we invent the PrecisionCaster to satisfy your fishing needs and wants. It is a fun and practical product for fishing. You will like these patented fishing gear series.

Currently we offer PrecisionCaster SR-1 that specified in product section with the reasonable price of $250 plus shipping & handling.

In the near furture, we will offer PrecisionCastre SR-2, which will incorporate with fish sensor and display unit. Our sensor's range can reach up to 500 feet for wireless control. It is the best fishing gear in the market.

Again, thank you for shopping in our store.

Very truly yours,

Jack Shen, Founder

MPG Corp The Producer of Precision Caster.
Home   |  Contact Us   |  About Us   |  Return Policy

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