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SR-1 complete package
Precision Caster - The only rod that controls precisely where your lure goes! Enjoy an unfair advantage over the fish. Helps you reach 0 - 500 feet from any casting position. Allows you to fish areas it would be impossible to cast to Patented lure release system that anyone can handle with ease Optional fishing sensor locates structure and fish before releasing lures Low cost replacement for a fishing boat This product has been field tested in lakes, rivers, and oceans Great gift idea for any fisherman *Special offer two batteries(one 9 volts and one 7.2 volts), Battery Charger, high quality Fishing Rod with 300 feet 15 lb. line and MPG Reel, Float & Sinker Combo...etc., Free. A $150 value at no additional charge while supplies last! Total Saving $250! Thank you for shopping. (International shipping is $25 extra)
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SR-1 Precision Caster Basic
The fully assembled SR-1 is a 30-inch long, twin-electric motors loaded with features from stem to stern. Only $125* plus $18 S&H (*Precision Caster with remote control, additional accessories such as extra battery, MPG Rod or your own rod, car charger are extra). This invention is a great gift for any fisherman. Thank you for shopping!
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SR-1 Basic Package Plus
SR-1 Basic Package plus comes with two 7.2 volts rechargeable batteries & Car charger. SR-1 basic package plus will work with your own fishing rod. You will enjoy this product greatly! Thank you!
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Mobile Fishfinding & SR-1 Combo
The SR-1 Complete Package Plus Fishfinder - The best combination for high tech fishing. Simply the best fishing gears you need to catch more bigger fishes! You can scan the area, locate the fish, release the lure, and reel in your catch. (International shipping $25 extra) The most fun product you will love to use often! Thank you for shopping!
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SR-1 & Super Range FishFinder New
The SR-1 Super Range Fishfinder & Precision Casting - The best combination for high tech fishing. Current range is 300 feet in diameter of FishFinding capability & 1,000 feet in diameter of precision casting range. Simply the best fishing gears you need to catch more bigger fishes! You can scan double the area, turn on night light locate the fish, release the lure, and reel in your catch. The most unique fun product you ever have! Thank you for shopping! (Choice of wrist or rod mount display available depending on inventory.)
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NAFC Special Deal!
NAFC endorsed Free Humminbird RF20 or RF30 Combo Special, valid while supply last! Precision Casting range 1,000 feet in diameter, Fishfinding 200 feet in diameter range. Come with MPG Rod & Reel, two rechargeable batteries, and all accessories.
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SR Carp Chumming Boat System
SR Carp Chumming Boat with Feeder System, Package includes Baitboat, 2 re-chargeable batteries, MPG Rod, Spare parts, wall charger, and hook & reel.
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Ultra Range SR-1 Mobile Fishfinder
The Ultra Range SR-1 sacn up to 800 ft in diameter, cast bait up to 1000 ft in diameter. This unit is fully installed, ready to fish. No other wireless fishfinder can offer longer range than this in the market. You will love what it can do. Free shipping apply to 48 states, international shipping extra.
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